JETwins offers transportation services all around the world, excluding war zones and other places, which are under embargoes.

The prime focus of JETwins' activities is mainly on:

  • ACMI/WET LEASE - Provision by JETwins of Aircraft and Crew to other air carriers (Lessees), to operate on their intended routes for short, medium or long periods. This type of operations also include the provision by JETwins of the Maintenance, as well as the Insurance policies (limited to hull and third parties liability) of the aircraft.
  • AOG - This is the abbreviation of Aircraft On Ground, a situation, which no carrier wants to occur to his aircraft. On short notice JETwins can provide as a replacement unit its aircraft.
  • CHAIN of CHARTERS - Operation on regular basis of series of flights to one and the same destinations. Such charter flights are usually organized and contracted by Tour Operators and/or Travel Agencies. The destinations are mainly resorts and are determined by the demands of the tourist market.
  • AD-HOC CHARTER - This is an individual and exclusive flight, made on a specific date and to a specific destination(s) requested by the client. The goal of such a flight may be to take sportsmen/sportswomen or fans to competitions, or to take passengers to see cultural or entertainment events, or to take employees of a company for teambuilding or celebration initiative. In other words, it is a "tailor made" flight, where everything (timetable, destination, menu, etc...) can be selected and chosen by the client.
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